September 19th

III Meeting of the UNESCO Chair “Culture, Tourism and Development” & III Municipal Seminar of Cultural Policies in Museums and Memory Spces/Museum Spring (Afternoon)

Official opening ceremony and opening conference “Heritage and society: challenges to the future” by Professor Dr. Carlos Fortuna (Evening)

September 20th

Mini courses (Morning)

Thematic Symposiums (Afternoon)

Round table “Cultural heritage: uses of the past and innovative experiences” by Professor Dr. Antonio Gilberto Ramos Nogueiras and MSc. Charles Narloch (Evening)

September 21th

Lecture “Heritage and architecture of the landscape” by Professor Dr. Nicole Valois (Morning)

Thematic Symposiums (Afternoon)

Closing ceremony and conference “Recalled repression – postcolonial approaches: (History of) pedagogy as cultural heritage” by Professor Dr. Ralf Koerrenz